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Freestone Taxidermy

World award winning master taxidermist Kevin Birznieks

Custom taxidermy of the highest artistic quality...

    • A 50% Deposit is required when work is accepted. 
    • Final payment is due at the time of completion of the agreed upon work.
    • A $30 per month storage fee will be charged after 1 month from the time the mount is completed, unless arrangements are made.  The taxidermy work can become the property of Freestone Taxidermy after 2 months.
    • Tanning is done at your risk.  I cannot be 100% responsible for work done outside of my studio.  I use the highest quality and most reputable tanners available and this is usually not an issue when proper field care is performed.  I do absolutely everything within my power to ensure your trophy is properly taken care of. 
    • A shipping service is available to out of state clients.  This is not a freight company.  They provide special, personalized service to taxidermists and outfitters and it eliminates building custom crates.  Quotes are available for each state.
    • Insufficiently funded checks will be subject to a $50 charge.

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